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The Icon Programming Language

 · PDF 檔案The Icon Programming Language, second edition, Ralph E. Griswold and Madge T. Griswold, Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1990. 365 pages. ISBN 0-13-447889-4. $29.95. This book is available from the Icon Project at the University of
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Icon Programming Language FAQ

Icon’s internals are detailed in The Implementation of the Icon Programming Language by Griswold and Griswold. Although considerable changes have occurred since Version 6, described in the book, the basic structure of Icon remains the same.
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Glossary of the Icon Programming Language

built-in: a feature that is part of the Icon programming language, as opposed to a feature written in Icon. call: see invocation. case expression: a control structure in which the expression to evaluate is selected by a value. character: the elementary unit from which
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(PDF) Book review: The Icon Programming Language

PDF | On Jan 1, 1983, V. J. Rayward-Smith published Book review: The Icon Programming Language | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate The textbook by Doets and van Eijck
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Version 9.3 of the Icon Programming Language

 · PDF 檔案Version 9.3 of the Icon Programming Language Ralph E. Griswold, Clinton L. Jeffery, and Gregg M. Townsend Department of Computer Science The University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona IPD278a February 13, 1998
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Programming language icons
Download 638 programming language icons. Available in PNG and SVG formats. Ready to be used in web design, mobile apps and presentations. Explore Icon sets Staff picks Newest icon sets Popular icon sets Categories Styles Custom icons
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The Icon Programming Language: Hello world!

This program demonstrates the text output function of the Icon programming language by displaying the message “Hello world!”. Source Code procedure main () write ( “Hello world!” ); end Click here to download a zip file containing the source code. Click here
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In-Depth Coverage of the Icon Programming Language

 · PDF 檔案The Icon Analyst / 1 December 1992 Number 15 In-Depth Coverage of the Icon Programming Language In this issue … Idiomatic Programming … 1 Monitoring Icon Programs … 6 Programming Tips … 11 What’s Coming Up … 12 Idiomatic Icon This is the
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What are the pros and cons of the Icon programming …

It is a very-high-level-programming language, and is supposedly very good with strings and higher structures, but many novel things of Icon have since appeared in other languages. You can’t really see the language as anything more then scientific, though it’s good at doing graphics and strings
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Icon Programming Language in the Best of the Web …

Find hand selected Icon Programming Language websites at Best of the Web. Put your hard drive in motion with top websites created for and about the computing industry. Find leading consultants, explore news and reviews of computer sciences, software, open
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Icon programming language. . Contribute to OS2World/DEV-ICON-Icon-programming-language development by creating an account on GitHub. Explore GitHub → Learn & contribute Topics Collections Trending Learning Lab Open source guides Connect with others
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An Optimizing Compiler for the Icon Programming Language

 · PDF 檔案Programming Language KENNETH WALKER AND RALPH E. GRISWOLD Icon Department of Computer Science, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, U.S.A. SUMMARY Compiling code for the Icon programming language presents several challenges
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In-depth Coverage of the Icon Programming Language

 · PDF 檔案The Icon Analyst / 1 October 1990 Number 2 In-depth Coverage of the Icon Programming Language with how many values an expression can produce. In most programming languages, the evaluation of an expression always produces exactly one value. You may be
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Logo Programming Language
The Logo Programming Language, a dialect of Lisp, was designed as a tool for learning. Its features – interactivity, modularity, extensibility, flexibility of data types – follow from this goal. Logo programs are usually collections of small procedures. Generally
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The ICON programming language
The ICON programming language Griswold, Ralph E.; Griswold, Madge T. Abstract Publication: Prentice-Hall Software Series Pub Date: 1983 Bibcode: 1983ipl..book..G No Sources Found adshelp[at]cfa.harvard.edu The ADS is operated by
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FreshPorts — lang/icon: The Icon programming language

Icon is a high-level programming language with extensive facilities for processing strings and structures. Icon has several novel features, including expressions that may produce sequences of results, goal-directed evaluation that automatically searches for a successful result, and string scanning that allows operations on strings to be formulated at a high conceptual level.
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